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hypnobirthing & postnatal support


Hypnobirthing for you

Image by Jonathan Borba

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Cowriebirth.


Pregnancy is an amazing time as your body changes and baby grows. We celebrate how it all happens and prepare to welcome a new life, but many times we don't view giving birth in the same way.

WHY? There are many reasons, that may be personal or social, but negative views of birth can make you feel uncertain or worried.  


So perhaps that's why you are here, looking for a way to feel good about birth, confident in your body's natural abilities. 


Cowriebirth hypnobirthing antenatal classes can give you the tools to believe in your capabilities. 


Taking this course you will gain:

  • Calm -  a sense of peace and relaxation that will help you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy

  • Information - an understanding of the physical process and your options

  • Practical skills - breathing, relaxation techniques, massage - lots of tools to support baby's birth day 


Classes are for you and your birth partner and are available online or in-person. 





Group courses

Meet other parents to be, in an intimate and relaxed environment. Interact with others as you learn and work together.

Classes are available in-person.


One to one courses

Private and in the comfort of your own home. Ideal if you can’t make the group classes or want to tailor the course to your personal needs.

Flexible dates and times.

Pregnant Belly

Short essentials course

Private hypnobirthing course taught over 4 hours. Ideal as a refresher if you've studied hypnobirthing before or have limited time for a full course. 




Support from an experienced midwife in the comfort of your home. 

In-person appointments to help with feeding and recovery.



“Wow! your voice felt like a massage” 

Jason - after a relaxation

Your hypnobirthing instructor

Hi, I'm Yetunde, a hypnobirthing mum and teacher in South East London.


I'm an information seeker, which is how I discovered hypnobirthing.


I used it for both my pregnancies and had the births I prepared for.


I felt in control and connected to my body


I now love helping mothers learn how they can too. 

I offer hypnobirthing courses and 3 step rewind across South East London, including Plumstead, Blackheath, Eltham, Woolwich, Greenwich, Lewisham, Lee, Hither Green, Kidbrooke.


Courses are run as group sessions or private one to one classes

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Accredited by KG Hypnobirthing and Love your Birth Teacher Training

In partnership with ZenBirth UK

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