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Group courses


Group classes

A full antenatal birth preparation course

Suitable from 20 weeks

Includes a postnatal visit with an experienced midwife


Cost: £325

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Deciding on a group course

Group classes give you the chance to meet like-minded parents-to-be in a positive environment. Groups are small, made up of 3 -5 couples and taught over 2 days on a weekend. The material is tailored to those attending and there are opportunities to ask questions and lots of discussion. 

We explore:

  • how the mind affects the body and what that means for labour and birth

  • the tools of hypnobirthing 

  • the birth process - finding out what happens to your body in labour

  • effective positions for your birth

  • how to create your birth space and why that is important

  • your options in birth - discussing what they are and what to do if things change

  • what your birth partner can do to support you; helping you (and themselves) relax


The classes are interactive; full of demonstrations and activities.

On the day we practice:


  • specific and highly effective breathing

  • relaxation techniques - giving you the opportunity to experience self-hypnosis

  • massage techniques using your hands and everyday objects

  • effective positions for birth - so you know exactly what to do



We spend time working through birth scenario's, such as an induction, so you can leave the course with a practical plan; feeling calm and prepared to manage labour.

Courses book up quickly, so if you want to feel positive and informed about birth don't delay. 

What the course includes:

  • A printed course workbook - full of everything we cover, space to write you thoughts and self-hypnosis relaxations for your practice

  • MP3s of powerful relaxations and positive affirmations (emailed once you book)

  • Digital resources

  • A welcome gift

  • Caring support from your hypnobirthing instructor from when you book until your baby arrives.

  • Postnatal support from an experienced midwife

  • A group relaxation session closer to your collective due date (1.5hr, online)

  • Access to a parent WhatsApp group to get to know each other and keep in touch


One space is for you and your partner/birth companion.

Postnatal support

There are lots of things to think about when bringing baby home, so our course also includes postnatal support. 


During the course our own midwife, who has worked for over 10 years in the NHS, will run a postnatal session. The session covers what to expect around recovery, feeding and sleep.


You’ll take away lots of knowledge and a guide to creating a postnatal plan.

After the course

After your birth, you will receive a personal postnatal visit from our midwife (in South London).


A unique offering that gives you time to:


  • share your birth (if you want to) and get a midwife's insight

  • ask questions about your recovery as you have a full physical postnatal check

  • get hands on support with feeding; whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding or both

  • ask questions about settling at home with your baby

This service is included in the course and can be booked in after birth, once you are at home.

When to attend

You are welcome to attend from 20 weeks and most clients start a course between 26 -33 weeks.  However, it is never too late in pregnancy to learn and effectively use hypnobirthing techniques for a better birth experience.

Ideally you would attend with your partner/birth companion, however mothers who attend all or part of the course on their own can fully benefit from hypnobirthing.​

Course dates

Group course dates

Secure your space with a £45 deposit.

February: In-person 

Saturday & Sunday: 5 & 6

Blackheath, London


A deposit secures you space, with the balance due before the first session

Courses are run in collaboration with ZenBirth UK. 

May 2022: In-person 

Saturday & Sunday: 21 & 22

Blackheath, London


A deposit secures you space, with the balance due before the first session

Courses are run in collaboration with ZenBirth UK.

September 2022: In-person 

Saturday & Sunday:  10 & 11

Blackheath, London


A deposit secures you space, with the balance due before the first session

Courses are run in collaboration with ZenBirth UK. 


If you would like to pay by instalments please contact us to discuss a bespoke plan.

What to expect on the day

Day 1

Morning session

  • Welcome and introductions

  • What is hypnosis

  • Exploring the power of the mind and language

  • Fear – Tension – Pain (breaking the cycle)

  • Creating a positive mindset

Break for Lunch
Afternoon session

  • Muscles and hormones

  • Relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques

  • Learning how to prepare your body for birth

  • Why positioning in pregnancy matters

  • Guided relaxation


Day 2

Morning session

  • Understanding due dates

  • Making informed decisions

  • What are interventions

  • Dealing with the unexpected

  • Relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques

Break for Lunch
Afternoon session

  • The process of birth

  • Positions for birth

  • Creating a positive birth environment

  • Life after birth - postnatal session with midwife

  • Guided relaxation

Other courses

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