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Hypnobirthing explained

Antenatal class​


Hypnobirthing is an antenatal class that gives you knowledge of birth and a set of physical and mental tools to help you manage how you feel about birth. You learn about your body and the process to birth and leave with a  ‘toolkit’ of knowledge, ideas and techniques that you can reach for to help you stay calm, feel in control and understand your birth choices.

Right for you

Hypnobirthing is right for every woman and every type of birth. It is especially helpful if:

  • you feel anxious at the thought of giving birth

  • you like to feel prepared for new things

  • you’ve had a difficult previous birth

  • you’d like to aim for a natural birth, with no unnecessary interventions and minimal pain relief


Removes worries

Hypnobirthing helps take any worries out of birth. Often our thoughts are full of what we don't want to happen. We have negative ideas, built up over a lifetime, that cause anxiety and impact on birth. Through guided relaxations, positive statements and visualisation, you can learn how to release any unhelpful ideas or feelings.


Is psychology

Hypnobirthing is psychology for birth. By understanding the psychology of how the brain and body are connected you can work with your mind not against it. You can protect yourself from negative language, practice positivity and focus on the birth you want to have. ​

Supports change

Hypnobirthing supports change. Birth doesn't always go to plan; changes can happen and these can sometimes be out of our control. However we can still remain calm. This course shows you how to feel confident and prepared to manage any changes and make decisions. 

Helps manage pain


Hypnobirthing cannot ‘guarantee’ a pain free birth, every individual responds differently to stimulus, but when you know what is happening to your body, are relaxed and feel safe - physically and mentally, you can produce the right hormones and positively impact how your body feels in birth. Understanding how your body works in labour helps you to make decisions around what to use to manage your sensations.

Makes sense


Hynobirthing is logical, based in science and evidence not myth. 


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