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Postnatal support

Weekdays and Weekends

Group classes

Support from an experienced midwife in the comfort of your home

Help with feeding and your recovery after birth


Cost: £425


Deciding on the postnatal package

Postnatal package

An after birth package for mum and baby to help you settle in at home.


Support for your recovery in the comfort of your own home, to minimise disruptions to baby's new routine. 


Our experienced midwife will give you a full postnatal check and assess your recovery; giving advice on how to support your first few weeks at home. 

There will be assistance with responsive feeding however you choose to feed. And  if you are breastfeeding, any  initial challenges such as baby's latch or clarifying what is 'normal' can be picked up. 


This support is invaluable to feeling confident, and having the personalised care will help strengthen your bond, giving your baby the best outcomes. 

What is included:

  • Support from a midwife with over 10 years experience

  • Three in-person postnatal appointments within the first month after birth.

  • Practical help to establish feeding and maximise your recovery

  • An opportunity to talk through your birth experience with a professional

  • Telephone and text support

Postnatal support

Dates and times to suit you



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