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Short courses

Evenin relaxations

Essentials short course

Weekends or evenings

Flexible times and dates

Cost: £175 online, £225 in-person

A private, intimate and flexible course taught over 1 or 2 sessions.

Covering the essentials of hypnobirthing to help you relax and prepare.

Taught in the comfort of your home; in-person or online via Zoom.  The dates and times can be adjusted, and the material is tailored to suit your personal situation.

Together we'll explore:

  • how to use the power of the mind to support your pregnancy and labour

  • how your body works in labour - looking at muscles, hormones and emotions

  • how a birth partner can support you - emotionally, mentally and physically

  • the tools of hypnobirthing - breathing and massage techniques

The content is designed to give you a practical plan: helping you feel calm and prepared to manage labour. 


One booking is for you and your partner/birth companion.

Short course

Date and time to suit you. 

£175 online, £225 in-person (South London)

Other courses

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